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Eat, Sleep, Cycle: a bike ride around the coast of Britain

Published 2015 by Summersdale

‘A wonderfully worded whirl around beautiful Britain!’

  ~ Roz Savage, ocean rower and environmental ambassador

For Anna, a cycling enthusiast, the decision to ride 4,000 miles solo around the coast of the UK wasn’t that hard. Following the river from London until it became the sea, then following the sea until it reached the mouth of the Thames again, was a beautifully simple idea. But after epic highs, incredible lows, unforgettable scenery and unpronounceable place names, her simple idea turns into a compelling journey of self-discovery, and an eye-opening insight into what makes the island she lives on so special.

Order a signed copy of Eat, Sleep, Cycle direct from the author by clicking here

Pedal Power Cover.jpg
Pedal Power: inspirational stories from the world of cycling

Published 2017 by Summersdale

‘Full to the brim with inspiring pen portraits of the men and women who have helped to shape cycling’

  ~ Carlton Reid, cycle campaigner and columnist

A bike can be so many different things. What unites everyone who rides is that they each have their own cycling story to tell.

This book collects inspirational stories from riders around the world, both ordinary and extraordinary, from the cyclist who conquered Mont Ventoux on a Boris bike, to the trials rider who hops from building to building, to classic tales of Grand Tour rivalries and legendary cycling records of days gone by.

Purchase your signed copy of Pedal Power direct from the author by clicking here.

Peaky Climbers cover.jpg
Peaky Climbers: how eight amateur cyclists became kings of the mountains

Published 2018 by Brown Dog Books

'A seriously impressive achievement. Eye-watering on paper and just plain barbarous in the flesh!' 

  ~ Simon Warren, author of 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs of the Tour de France

Eight friends take on the greatest challenge of their lives: to cycle 20 peaks of the Tour de France in seven days. Their adventure will take them beyond what any of them expected, through epic highs, dramatic lows, unforgettable scenery and the toughest days of cycling any of them have ever encountered. But will they make it to the finish line?

Peaky Climbers was written by Anna Hughes on behalf of Paul McIntosh and the Peaky Climbers, in aid of the British Lung Foundation and the Caring Cancer Trust. Follow this link to purchase a copy. All proceeds go direct to the named charities.

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